Building backlinks for URL or DOMAIN.. which one's more effective?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by pdoods, Nov 9, 2010.

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    Let's say I have a blog post ranked in position 5 in G00gle for a keyword or phrase I'm targeting.

    Now in order to get to the position 1, I would need more backlinks.

    So the question is: should I start building backlinks to the URL of my blog post ( OR just my domain ( or BOTH ?
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    @pdoods <---

    It's all about architecture and crawlability for SEO and keywords.

    So keeping it natural is about the best way.

    When you look at review sites like CNET and how they rank over all for

    tons of keywords that they don't have backlinks for:

    --> example keyword --> best sony laptop

    They would show up because of how "relevant" Google thinks the domain is for that keyword.

    Even though they may have no backlinks for that exact term.

    So I would really focus on where you can push up higher in the SERPs.

    If your domain has a keyword in it (which would help with relevance)

    Then it looks more natural to have links to not just the article page

    but the domain overall.


    But having those keyword targeted backlinks to an article is going to help quickly.

    Just be careful on making sure you look natural.

    Here is a blog post on Matt Cutts talking about it in more detail.


    Hope that helps!

    Good luck :)
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    Yep, natural. I had a site with a boatload of links with the same anchor text to three internal pages. Like an ass, I just kept using the same anchor text over and over. Once I mixed it rankings for each and some very nice money.

    Personally, I hit my main url a lot more than I used to because I think it is more natural these days.