Building an affiliate site empire to quit my job


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Apr 11, 2019
About my journey and my previous failed attempts on IM


I have tried all ways and methods out there to make money, but no one has worked. Because I gave up. I am in my early 20s now and I started my journey in IM 3-4 years ago. I had some success repairing phones and make 3k a month doing that for a while, but I don't want to trade time for money. So its time to start doing SEO the right way.

My current site and new site plan

I have been building a site since Christmas and it has about 130 000 words on it, but it gets about 0 visitors a month.. so I stopped for a few weeks, but is not back at it again and created this journey to keep me motivated.

My plan is to continue with this site and start building links by doing manual outreach to similar sites that are related to mine to try to score a few backlinks that way.

I will try to send Pbn-links to the guest posts that link to my site, not confident enough to use them straight to my homepage.

will also create 30 2.0s linking to my home page. Each 2.0 will have 5X500-800 word articles on them. They all will link to one main article that will link to my homepage.

I will also add 30 articles ranging from 1500-3500 words. I will outsource the money articles and write the rest myself.

After that is done, I will let it sit and pull the plug on that site if it doesn't start getting any traffic. I have probably spent 1k in content on the site, its not a lot. But its a lot for me since its earning 0.

New site plan

so if my main site doesn't get any traction I will start a new site in a completely new niche. I will probably start it soon to let it start aging and have it as a backup.

To Do

  • Do outreach every day to get 10 HQ links to my homepage
  • Create 2.0s
  • Write content
  • Interlink and improve my old articles

if anyone has any suggestions or tips feel free to spit them out.
- Special thanks to @WebMinati. Huge inspiration.

So this journey is not only about SEO, but also my health and mind.

I have been good at working out 6 times a week for 3 years now, but I have always had breaks for 2- 3 weeks because of sickness and other stuff, but from Mai, I am finally done at work and can focus 100% on both my meditation, workouts, and SEO.

I will travel to Chiang Mai and stay there because of its 10x cheaper than Norway. So if I can write an article a day for someone that will probably pay the bills. I would stay there for a year+ but have a girlfriend in Norway as well, so can't just leave forever.

Every day I will :
Run for 30minutes - 1 hour (Just started doing that, so my condition isn't great.)
Meditate after the run
Write 1 article
1 Hour outreach and comment on blogs.

1 Hour of strength training - Push, Pull. Legs
Haha this is more of a fitness journey than a money making one. But you will get there. Slowly but surely.

You say it has 130k words and 0 visitors? Why is that?

Mistakes were made. But to learn from them and make money from your mistakes is the key. Good luck on your journey. I also need to start working out. Health is important as much as wealth it. They both go hand in hand.

No health, wealth makes no sense.
If there's health, you are so much more wealthy.
There's usually a quick fix for getting traffic right away... long tail keywords!

130k words and no traffic is weird, maybe you are sandboxed. In your case I suggest work on your social signals first, it will allow your links to be counted and safeguard yourself from the sandbox. Also install clicky for analytics, it's the best out there... don't use google analytics.

Btw, what niche are you in? Good luck mate!!
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