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Building a "tutorial and help" website (how-to's, comparisons...)

Discussion in 'New Markets' started by Mighty13, Feb 13, 2020 at 5:28 PM.

  1. Mighty13

    Mighty13 Newbie

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    I am a web developper, passionated in IT and want to open a blog of text-images-videos tutorial and help about IT topics like Windows, Graphism and Music (How-to's, comparisons between softwares or companies, etc...).
    I am french and I see that there's competitors in the business from a long time-ago. But I think that most of them aren't offering good tutorials for beginners and that's what people really needs. And, advanced tips and tricks too, surely !

    Monetization would be by affiliate programs (buy hardware or softwares) and ads. But this is not the question.

    Does long-tailed keywords can be a huge thing for this ? Because all popular threads have been done and I will take some times to get on 1st page of results for those, I think.
    The Competitor's domain authority are pretty high, but they don't cover all subjects as I would like to do.

    I think that this kind of site can be easily shared on the web considering the 'helping' topic, which is good to drive traffic first months.

    What I am asking here is, do you think this could be a good niche ? Is it too 'large' and should focus more ? I want to SEO this very well !

    Thanks a lot.
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