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Building a NMS, the start of my empire...

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by whothefisalex, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. whothefisalex

    whothefisalex Regular Member

    Nov 24, 2011
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    So I am making this journey thread to hold my self accountable, I have started a MNS before, which I gave up on very early, I then later checked my amazon account around a year later, to find I had earned £54 in commissions, with only setting up a site, with about 6 articles and never building a single link.

    My Site:
    So my new site is about 1 week old and has 4 pages of content, I have selected a niche in the jewellery market, its a huge market with limitless potential, but the niche I have selected is very small and not so competitive.

    KW #1 (emd) position 72 (was 94 when first indexed)
    KW #2 position 79
    KW #3 position 58
    KW #4 not found


    Well rather than settle for amazon commission I have decided to try and squeeze more money from my customers, the plan is to have a shopify store set up where I will direct customers from my MNS, I will sell amazon products in my shopify store but at a better mark-up.

    Plan moving forwards.
    the next week will consist of adding more pages to the site specifically targeting long tail keywords (which will probably have only a couple of hundred searches per month but should rank easily from my research)

    Building links.
    link building will be my biggest challenge here, I have never done any seo work, in fact I'll probably outsource it if anyone can recommend a good provider for a new site?

    I will probably set up a couple of Facebook campaigns to drive some views/shares to my site and hope that will help me in googles index.

    your thoughts, comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome.