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Building a business - Managing a Team - Getting to $10K

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by mokopro, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. mokopro

    mokopro Newbie

    Jul 30, 2015
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    Before I made some money on oDesk, I was wondering in the big Internet Marketing world.

    I think I'm in this universe since 2011. I learned a lot of things in marketing, business,
    copywriting, product launch, affiliate management, paid traffic, sales funnels, etc.

    The thing is, I never really took action. I mean, I started projects, created products,
    joined dozens of trainings, but never actually achieved something meaningful.

    I think the most money I made wih Internet Marketing was 50 euros, with a product
    I sold as an affiliate. That's all!

    There are many reasons and excuses I can present: a lack of motivation,
    non exectuable plans, amateur work, not enough budget, etc..

    As I have read somewhere, they say "Be responsible of your destiny in life"

    So I just decided to make some money as a freelance, made some, but that was
    still unsatisfying. I had to work to make it, and that was not the plan.

    Ultimately, this may be due to a fear of success.
    When you see the big plan, we are all here trying to make a profit.

    Who usually makes profit? Businesses!
    Was I treating my Internet marketing work as a business ? No!

    What's the difference: Non scheduled work, no clear business model, Trying to do everything myself, not getting work done....

    Now, I'm trying something new, and this might be the last thing I try, in IM.

    Building a business.

    What does this mean? By building a business, I mean I have a clear business plan I want to execute.

    Business model: A twist and crossover between the fitness niche, list building, a proposing products in an innovative way. I am counting on the theory I learned in my four years of IM, to execute in the strategy of the business.

    What is the plan:

    First of all:

    - Create a team of people who want to make money as much as me, and form a team: The goal is not to get as much people as possible, but get a few people that will get things done.
    - Mastermind, and add twists to the original plan.
    - Organise the capital, and assign budget to each task.

    This journey will be uptaded whenever there is something to add, and I will leave an update board to let you know.

    If you are reading this thread, and you may think you have something to add, here is a little list of things you may participate in:

    - Instagram account building / Followors / Traffic generation
    - Community management
    - List buidling and management / Emailling / Copywriting
    - Technical work: HTML, Design, coding..

    What people may get from this thread, or for working with me:

    - Motivation all along! You will learn a lot, as we will share infos, tactics, strategy, and updates.
    - A money making environement: If we work together, we will be focused on getting things done and being productive.
    - A business enviroment: You will integrate a business. We are here, and we will help each other. You willl make more money as a team.
    - You will be paid as an affiliate/ Partner depending on your contribution. This means fixed pay and commissions.

    I spoke with experts in CPA/ Affiliate marketing, and they claim that every IM'er who goes there alone, is already losing against the teams of 3-4 that
    have a complete skill-set. As a team, we will move faster, and we will make more money.

    $10K a month - $20K a month - $40K a month.

    I think that the best way to get something is to have ambition and a vision. If we don't work for big numbers, we will never achieve them. The goal is to be an efficient business and make the figures of one.

    Investors: If you like this story, and would like to put something in, your help is appreciated. Money we get from other people, wether they work with us or not, will help build the structure of the business, and execute the plan. We, as a team, are looking for a total of $1500. This will kickstart the business. In return, you will get an interesting return, over the course of the 2 first months.


    This lights will inform everyone how far we are with the business.
    Note: If this was not clear, this is still IM, so there is no problem working from geographical different points.

    -TEAM CREATION : ON HOLD (POST in this thread, if you want to be a part of the team)
    -INVESTMENTS: ON HOLD (This means we have cash, but did not reach the desired amount)

    I think this thread is long enough. If you think you can participate, in any way in this, leave a message, with your skype, or send a PM. Feel free to post your questions here. I will have a discussion with you to evaluate your motivation and your skills. Everyone is welcome on board. We are creating a winner with this.

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  2. TayaX

    TayaX Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 13, 2010
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    Skype : TayaxBHW
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    So if I'm smart enough, what you're trying to do is get people from here to work for you for free ?

    I see some flaws in your plan :

    - You won't recruit senior members here, because they are busy making money, and you have not yet proven anything to this community.
    - You are more likely to recruit newbies and the problem with them, they never stick to a plan and they will give up on you as soon as someone promise them $1 per day.

    Anyway, good luck; the approach was well thought, but i doubt you'll be able to create a full working team here.
  3. mokopro

    mokopro Newbie

    Jul 30, 2015
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    People won't work for free here - They will work with an affiliate type of compensation.

    I am not looking for senior members - They are likely to have some structure which is working for them.
    They are always welcome if they want to come on board.

    I will integrate people motivated and willing to make money, while having a skill set. The 'newbies' you just described, don't usually
    have a skill set they master. I know that because I was one two years ago. I am not looking for someone who's looking to make a quick buck.

    As someone who's worked in IM for 4 years, I know there are a LOT of people who have strong skills but can't monetize them, because
    of a lack of structure, and a team. This is what I'm offering.

    I believe I will find the right people here, because this is a win-win situation.

    Thanks for your message