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Dec 3, 2008
I currently have a blog setup and I am kind of lost in wich direction I should take with it now. I was wondering if a couple people could take a look and tell me what they think I should do to further monitize my blog.

I was kind of leaning twoards a better wordpress theme with the ability to create better ad position and that newsletter subscribe widget dosent even work lol. I know I have very few posts but Im still kind of in doubt if this blog would even be worth the effort. It is a very competitive market in home based business / aff marketing.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

no this is not spam, im serious LOL
My blog is currently getting around 1000 hits a day at the moment, it's growing too, my only advise would to just keep building them backlinks, building them posts and keep at it.

Long as the content is unique and fresh you will get good traffic, if you stop posting then Google may assume your blog to be an average normal single page site and rank you differently.

Just keep posting, 2 to 4 times a day if possible.

You will start to get traffic from RSS feeds and start getting subsribers, this also helps with backlinks too.

There is so many free wordpress themes out there, your best bet is to test them and see how well they work out.
Thank you, do you think I am in a too cmpetitive market with home biz or that dosent really matter with blogs?
stop worrying about whether or not its too competetive of a market or not and try it!...set some auto posters make a squido lense, put up a social bookmarks plugin, answer a few questions in yahoo answers with your backlink and move on to your next blog idea... spend 30 mins a day or less on the homebiz blog, and more majority of your time putting up a new niche blog

... just my thoughts ;)
@tfreddy ...exactly what I was thinking...
Some more thoughts...
Problogging(What you are attempting with that blog) is all about community and interaction!
I wouldn't spend much time on it for Seo..except of course for backlinks.
I would spend my time commenting wisely on related high traffic blogs...
- Build relationships with other links
- Guest posts(This can be reciprocal..much like how mailing list co reg is done)
- Social communities...mybloglog...blogcatalog
- useful content on related forums...make it worth peoples while.
- Read the digg domination method found in the forum....and implement it for 2 or 3 of your best posts.

Bets of all...problogging is all about getting the visitor to return. Don't worry too much about that initial visitor...but concentrate on getting the person to return to your blog.
Make your content stand out...make it awesome! then...every 1000 visitors you get....500 will return!... so after a few months you will have a steady stream of visitors!

Seriously dude...get a good theme.
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