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Mar 27, 2008
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I haven't done much email marketing in a long time but I know that it is a great way to make money. Although you can find millions of email addresses for free on BHW or by surfing the Net huge DB's, they don't have nearly the same conversions as a highly targeted niche list. A basic concept yes. but many ignore it because it isn't always cheap or easy to get the niche list you want. That's why it is best to have someone else build it for you for free!

There are a lot of webmasters outside of BHW that will be more than willing to build a list for you without a fuss. A large majority of them know nothing about marketing, SEO, etc, they just want to make their site "sticky". Most have no budget either so they can't improve their site via that's where you come in. You are going to build the webmaster their very own email database while offering their customers the chance to win a sought after prize related to the site's niche. For example, if it is a gaming site, the visitors can win a PS3. All that you ask for in return is a copy of the list for yourself that you promise not to spam. You tell them that you will take care of all the "hard" work (coding, DB, graphics etc) and they just have to sit back and reap the rewards after they copy and paste some code into their page. Here it is broken down a little further:

Your Pitch To Them
- A free contest for their customers related to their niche that will cost the webmaster nothing to run
- A database of names that they can market to or that advertisers can market to
- Zero technical skills to build and manage the DB
- Ability to download the list whenever they want
- They can request new prizes for different niches
- They can take the contest down at any time
- Something that they can talk about on other forums and blogs to promote their site

What You Give Them
- Cut and paste code for popup or on site form.
- Customized graphics to make the contest look like they are hosting the contest
- Testimonials/photos/"proof" that the contest is legit....simple page they can post on their site.
- Ability to login and download the list of names they generate to a CSV

What You Get Out Of It
- Targeted email lists based on niche and domain name
- Ability to sell, trade, spam the lists
- Ability to add a backlink via your form (be creative)
- Ability to track traffic on other people's sites (buy their sites, buy advertising, be creative)
- Ability to use the contests on your own sites
- Niche research based on prizes they request
- You can sell other services to them: hosting, email solutions, tutorials etc
- Offer a paid version of the same system for private contests etc

- Keep the form to a max of like 3 fields (First, Last, Email)
- Have a good disclaimer and Terms Of Service linked from the form
- When you build it, think scalability (you want to cookie cut this thing across as many sites and niches as possible). You want lots of variables that are simple to replace.
- Be creative with the prize...don't do what everyone else is doing
- Decide how often you want to give away the prize or at least "appear" to give away the prize
- Be creative, be creative, be creative

The system is fairly easy to set up if you know what you are doing with regards to web-dev and once you have it set up for one single contest, you can copy it a million times over. The lists may not be huge at the beginning but you know that the info they are giving you is valid and targeted so you can make a lot of money off the names you do collect and off of the webmasters that you are helping out.

What really makes this work is that you are only giving away 1 prize per niche to all the sites hosting the contest...if you are going to be running a legit contest that is. So in the example above where we were giving away a PS3, you give away 1 single PS3 to one random winner out of all the gaming sites that hosted the contest. You then send everyone the same promo package showing who the winner is and customize it to their site.

Like all the methods/ideas shared on BHW, it is up to you to figure out what to do with them. This might be a little technical for some to setup but there are a lot of people looking for joint ventures if it's something that you want to try out. Good luck!
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