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build a video sharing website

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by papa_ji, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. papa_ji

    papa_ji BANNED BANNED Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jan 22, 2011
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    please read my requirement very carefully before you reply on my post

    example site are here
    and the required features are below

    User Registration
    1. video upload via ftp, web browser and remote uploads.
    2. users can get the video sharing link (embed) after they upload the content
    3. video player with support of 480P, 720P ad 1080P video
    4. users can earn from the video sharing.

    the script must be able to add advertisement inside the videos.
    users can track how much they earn from each video.

    I don't mind if you can get any free or paid working script for me and make customization in it for me.

    PS: i don't want a website like youtube I just need a video sharing website where people can earn by uploading and sharing videos
  2. ZestTech


    Aug 24, 2014
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    Thank you for sharing these all details.
    Its quite interesting project for me and really interested for it.
    As per the requirements :
    => Read to provide you Remote upload/FTP Upload/Web browser upload.
    => Ready to provide you Video convertion MP4/x264 format with HD quality.
    => Ready to provide you video advertisment which can be handle by Admin.
    => We will provide you IP detection,misleading/unethical methods, such as spamming detection.
    => Responsive UI

    Queries :
    => Any preferred UI ?
    => Any preferred programming language?
    => Will you manage hosting of videos at your server or want to move with Video hosting provider like Vimeo, brightcove etc?
    => What about earn money for download/stream ?
    => Minimum payout amounts for user?
    => Provide details about affiliate, if you want to integrate.
    => Provide details about video format and size to be upload?
    => You want to integrate "add subtitle" for each video from User control panel?

    Ready to provide such a site within 30 days.
    Please join me on Skype for further discussion. Request sent from : Zesttech15

    Awaiting your reply and looking forward.
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