Build a New Site Or Work On Existing Ones?

rick diculous

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Oct 22, 2008
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I have 60 adult blogs and I try to biuld a new one every other week to help get some backlinks to my money blogs.

I see some people saying that you should concentrate on the site that you presently have and make them grow adding posts every day to them and work on getting backlinks and there are others that say build a blog, submit it and forget it then build another one and so on.

Sure this helps me get more backlinks, but I feel I'm wasting time making blogs that barerly get SE traffic.

What is the opinion here? Build More or Work on the ones I allready have?
Check out bizroot's thread if you want to do it the white hat, organic way

Search for "$500 daily to $5k daily". I can't post links yet
Do both. work on new and existing. build a super network.
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