Buenos Aires! ...er, Hello

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    A bit about me. Started out doing game music for in 1989. Memorable titles: "Monster Bash" Apogee, "Mario's Missing Deluxe," "Prince of Persia," and about 125 others. First machine I had contained 32MB ram.

    In 2000 became a hack Dreamwesaver site builder. I am still mediocre today. Learned white hat, got good results. [How boring was pure white hat circa 1997-2002?]

    Discovered cloaking. I thought, "here it is! The easier softer way to make a million dollars. Then the learning curve kicked in about 3 months ago. Blogging, content reqrite, thinking about a dedicated server, and I haven't even touched the ideas and techniques on this forum.

    I am totally willing to contribute, but what the hell have I got? Not much, but that will change very soon, and whatever help I can be, I will jump in.