Josh Saga

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Oct 9, 2020
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Hello Guys,

I would like to ask some real talk on how much does it really take to make a good enough affiliate site that at least rakes in $200 above per month after 6 months of building.
Currently following @davids355 thread and really thankful for this as well as the bloke here who redirected me to Doug Cunnington Keyword Golden Ratio

Would love to hear some of your experiences and thoughts on this - I love the thought of passive income and I'm ready to put manual work from my end but I want reality as well to know if this is really feasible within my means.

I already have lifetime access to @Festinger 's Vault and the monthly of hosting is already calculated and AHRefs Monthly
My best budget after the Vault and Hosting is only around $300 left for Content and Others (Hire services/freelancers etc.)
Am from shitty 3rd world country so got other expenses as well.

However, I plan to write my own content as well.

Really would love to hear some of your experiences with limited Budgets and techniques you've pulled through to work with it.
Please don't hold back - this is a Real talk thread, not reddit.