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    Feb 21, 2018
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    So few days ago i made a topic asking an advice on what to choose between doing a blog and doing an instagram page (on the same niche idea). Eventually, like someone told me on that thread, i decided to do both.
    I started the ig page and i'm doing pretty good on that, posting high quality content made by me and doing manual f/u. I got a logo made on fiverr, set up wordpress and the theme.
    Now, my budget is 300$ (for now, i could increase that maybe later but let's say its 300), im not planning to spend much money on instagram since im skeptic on influencers for my niche and on the other side i really believe the blog could work very well, so i'm willing to spend most of my budget on that.
    My question is: in what should i invest at the begging? As you may have noticed i'm not a native english speaker so for sure i'll have to buy articles by content writers (i found one that seems really good and charges 5.5$/500 words) but how many articles should i buy to start the blog? What else should i buy?