Budget Backlink Indexing: Same IP Clusters & Footprints

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    I need to quit being so lazy when it comes to backlink indexing. I know that profile links can be powerful, but I have just shyed away from them because it's so difficult to get them indexed. And Backlink Energizer on its own doesn't really work too well (if at all) on web 2.0's anymore.

    I am going to have to go the way of BE (Self Hosted) and/or BIE. This is going to require a cluster of about 20 blogs. I have a couple shared hosting accounts but since buying a lot of SEO tools (and still needing more, another license of Xrumer for example) I really would like to use my existing hosting accounts (Addon domains) rather than purchase separately.

    So if I am using like 10 blogs on 1 IP to link to links to sites which are also all on the same IP, is this too much of a footprint?

    Scrapebox/BMD ----> IP1 (BE/BIE Cluster) ---> Article ----> IP2 (set of sites on 1 IP)

    Otherwise I simply can't see how it is economical to index a massive amount of backlinks e.g. 10,000 + given the costs of dedicated IP around $20 a year. For any substantial numbers using BE/BIE you're going to have to use shared hosting and use a large number of addon domains.

    And then, in addition, if you want to index sites on n number of IPs, say in this example IP3...4....n

    Scrapebox/BMD ----> IP1 (BE/BIE Cluster) ---> Article ----> IP2 + IP3 + IP4 + IP5 + IP....n

    So in effect you're using IP Cluster as the indexing engine for your entire network of websites, is that basically running into Matt Cutts' office and pulling your pants down?

    Any ideas?
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