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    This will be a paid position. Must have WordPress/BuddyPress experience, especially with theme customization and manipulation of code. I have three years of experience with WordPress and an eye for detail - I can't manipulate code or make something bold without using a cheat button, but I can make a quality site or tell if your portfolio is just Woo Themes with nothing custom added. I need a guru.

    I am only looking for qualified and reputable applicants. Thank you!

    I'm not a coding person. I can manipulate WordPress and BuddyPress 90% of the way to where I want it, but for the final bit of tweaking... I always need outside help. And for this business, it is community based, so I want to make sure that the BuddyPress integration is seamless and streamlined for the users.

    Must have BuddyPress/WordPress experience. The more extensive the better, especially in the community-building BuddyPress aspect. I will not be hiring for this until the 25th of this month so I'm looking for quotes and 'resumes' right now.

    Will have the option of providing ongoing support for us if we're happy, you're happy, etc.