BTC has reached over 71k$. Do you think I should buy more?

Previously I bought it at 60k$ and now it has reached 71k$, will it go up to 100k$ or will it gradually decrease?
I think it will grow more for some more time, but It's risky to buy at this price. It's better to wait for correction. There is always a correction after a pump.
I would not buy BTC now. Maybe some altcoins but I feel like you are kind of too late to the BTC gains now.
Previously I bought it at 60k$ and now it has reached 71k$, will it go up to 100k$ or will it gradually decrease?
It depends on what your buying strategy is and for how much time you can hold. If you are in for long term, current prices should not matter much. You will make good profits in that case even after entering at these prices.
Is being doing really good right now, is unsure what will happen there is always a risk that everything goe from good to bad in seconds just remember last yeat that everyone said btc was dead but now is on 70K so take a risk buy or sell.
Literally not one response on this thread was informative. You must consider several things when looking to spend money on the crypto market. The bulls are early this go-round pre-halving because of ETF's. Bitcoin is and will be digital gold. IMHO it is never a bad time to get into crypto but you must consider several key things. What is crypto, why invest and what do you invest into? BTC will always be the gold standard in regards to crypto. Actual tokens that solve real world problems? XLM, XRP and of course ETH all have an amazing ecosystem. The L2's being made on ETH will solve lots of real world problems as well. We are in the "netscape" era of crypto, so definately diversify your holdings.

If you buy, hold. If you trade, good for you. The next projected year of blood will be 2026.

The chances of BTC plummeting below 60k ever again is unlikely.
BHW never change bros, every thread I see here for the past year it's always doom and gloom. I leave this image for you guys


Keep coping. Never buy BTC guys, lets wait until the peak at 100k to buy next!
Glad to see this is the competition i'm facing in the market lmfao
I would rather earn bitcoin than buying it .That price is propped up with loans so it won't last .Someone has to sell to repay the loans and make a profit.
no one knows what's going to happen but I think its either about to drop a lot or raise a lot. I know very helpful but seems like something big going to happen so only invest if you are ok losing it all.
The crypto market is very difficult to grasp
I am personally buying all the time. Bought at 2k, 5k, 10k, 25k, and 50k. DCA since years.

I will still be buying when we hit 1 million $ per bitcoin in a couple of years.

The question is what is your longterm goal?

If you need the money in a month for something else than I wouldnt buy more. Instead you should use the money you have to build yourself an income stream. The cashflow you generate is what you should invest in crypto.

Anyways, bitcoin is here to stay and the coming 12-18 months will be an amazing bullrun.

I would suggest watching some intervies with the GOAT Michael Saylor. This one for example

tbh. no financial advice, but the party is already over.
sell of, after halving.

patience is the key

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