BS Metrics - how do you find proper good domains for PBNs

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    Hi there folks!

    Im setting up my first PBN... it will be a small one, composed of 20 websites. It's been a hard time finding all the domains but I finally managed it and Im setting up the websites now.
    On this process I gathered a lot of information about the so called PBN gurus around the web and I have to say I learn more with trolls here at BHW then with most of the blogs around here talking about it. Few exceptions in this list...

    But What I want to talk about here is metrics and domains. I realized during this process how misleading these metrics can be. Im talking about TJ and CF, though Moz metrics seem to be even worse

    I mean, as far as I know, these metrics only evaluate the URL that is sending the link, not the link itself. And I bet that G evaluates different links with different weights.

    I came across a few domains that looked pretty good on metrics but when I went to see their link profile, it was just too fragile... No Spam, nothing shady, but a domain with TF 20+ and CF 20+ both of them quite close to each other, with only 1 or 2 links that would actually suport these metrics. All the rest didnt pass any metric value at all. And when I went to see what kind of link was passing this weird metric juice, it was a blogroll directory type of link stablished on a page with dozens of them. The metrics seem wonderful for majestic but I surely doubt that G would look at these links with the same power.

    So, I want to ask you guys, how much do you even consider these metrics? I mean, they are a good sign to explore a big list of domains, but doesnt the link profile is way more revealing on this task? How many good metric domains you find that are not spammed that are actually worthy to build a site on? Am I being to hopefully romantic on finding good domains?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. You too, trolls. Bring it on!

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