Browsers Lesson IN NEED (Netscape - Other)


Dec 11, 2008
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Hi Folks,

Is there any other Browser out there that mandatory changes every page's colors to my choise? My preferences are attached.
I'm a proud & true Netscape'er for years since it's the only that does NOT make my eyes sting from the given white BG's glare.

SO - which Browser out there can make this miracle too? I've already tried all the "big 1s", & the # of pages my Netscape can still handle is on an irreversible lurid decline, now incl my Y! inbox ...
Is there a close inheritor to Netscape? I would prefer some unknown browser most of the trojan horses haven't heard of it...

If this issue would fit better in a different section Plz let me know of it :)


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As far as I remember, FF is the direct descendant to netscape (I think).

Opera has everything you need. You are allowed to mess with styles as much as you want. Additionally, it's fairly safe (probably safest out of mainstream browsers)(yes, safer than Chrome.)
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