Brosyden's journey to $102/day with Youtube + PPD


Jul 25, 2012
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Hey guys!
So I this is my journey to $102 a day. I chose 102 dollars because everyone usually chooses 100 dollars and I felt like mixing it up.

I am going to be using Youtube and ShareCash. In the past I've used Adsense but I made little to nothing and it was a waste of my time. So now I am giving PPD a shot and I'm inviting you all on my journey with it.

I will be making my own videos specific to my niche with a dropbox link in the description (people will see the name and trust it) with a .txt file with my ShareCash link in it. I am averaging around 1k views a day right now on my pre-existing videos from when I tried out Adsense and I planning on using view boosters to get my videos out there.

What I've Done So Far:
  • Made Youtube accounts
  • Registered account for ShareCash
  • Uploaded ~40 videos
  • Set up one DropBox link

What I Need to do:
  • Boost Video Views
  • Set up ~30 videos per youtube account to upload monthly (1 video a day) (via scheduled video option on Youtube)
  • Scale up

I am hoping that by sharing this journey with you all I will be more motivated to put time into this and to make that 102 dollars a day!
Welp, just realized that I posted this in freebies and giveaways -_-. Is there any way that a mod can move it to journey? I could just delete it if not...
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