Broke As A Joke - Need Clickbank To Bring Me Around 2k/Month

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    Hey What's up guys. This is only my second post here, but I've been reading lots of threads here, and I came across some great infos in here. Thanks for that guys!

    Now I'm starting this thread so perhaps you guys can help me get on the right path. What seems like a piece of Joke for a lot of guys here, seems like an HUGE mountain to me.

    And that is like making a mere $60 per day off clickbank products....

    Now I've been doing IM since early 2008, and I've had some success but nothing ever consistent. Probably made a huge total of 6k during those two years. and probably spent 4k in Advertising as well..

    So nothing to boast or be happy about.

    During those past two years, I've made huge mistakes along the way too, which contributed in never making it.

    The most annoying thing, was that I was putting probably minimum.. 30 hours a week for the past two years trying to lift this "business" off, but it never did... and In retrospect, there's no wonder I never made it.

    I had too many projects at a time, and I always wanted to try the next "make money" thing to see if it would take me closer to my initial goal of quiting my day job.

    It didn't of course, and it lasted for a good two years (end of 2009). Until I decided to take some break away from IM and just start to live again for a while lol...

    Now after a good 7 months break, I decided I was ready to get back into the game..(about a month ago)

    And focus on one thing only! :) (I know better this time)

    So here's the plan and the part where I mostly need your help.

    1) Pick the CB product.

    I have done this part already, I chose a product which has a gravity of about 95, and pays around $30. Basically two sales a day for me would be a great start, but since I'm starting... anything I make, will be great to to use to leverage the site in any way.

    2) Build the landing page

    This part also has been done already. I thought first about using xsitepro to make the LP, but I decided to go with Wordpress and use the Thesis theme.

    The LP is pretty bare bone as the only thing you will find on the site for
    now is...

    The content - Home
    The privacy statement

    The landing page is actually a squeeze page. There's no description of the product. I only mention it inside the autoresponder. The landing page describe the story of someone who finds a way to treat a problem.. and for them to know more, they have to opt-in.

    I don't give free bonus for them to sign-up, I don't want to bribe them to opt-in, I want them to sign-up because they want too, this way I'll get very qualified leads.

    *worth being mentioned*

    My opt-in form is also below the fold. I know being above the fold would bring more leads, but not as targeted. (but again, that all needs testing and tweaking once I get traffic)

    3) Auto-responder

    Again, this is something I have done already. I don't want to trade my time or money for money. I want some leverage and some assets too :D

    I actually wrote 7 emails regarding the product. Once I know I'm generating sales from the autoresponder, I'll be adding more emails.

    4) Set-up a blog.

    This part is half way done. here's my dilemma. I have registered two keyword rich domains.

    One is for the landing page (kwrich1) and the other one could be used for the blog ( kwrich2)

    Now for SEO purposes which way am I better suited up?

    A - Landing page (kwrich1) Blog - (kwrich2)
    B - Landing page (kwrich1) Blog - (kwrich1 / blog)
    C - Landing page (kwrich1 / kwrich1) Blog - (kwrich1)

    (because of limits imposed, I couldnt set them up as -u r l s- but that's how they are supposed to be read )

    I'm asking, because I'll strictly be using SEO in the beginning. and later on some other forms of advertising.

    5) Traffic.

    This is where I'm at now...and this is WHERE I need your help the MOST!! :D
    I suck at SEO and I suck at traffic. I've always been a PPC guy.. but I burned my wallet long time ago and it's not getting better :) (hence the name of the thread)

    So this time I'm going full free SEO methods and will be learning in the process. To put it bluntly.... this is my weakness, as I'm very lazy when it comes to writing articles.

    However, I intend to exploit the whole nine yards until I get the traffic I desire.

    That means writing articles, building backlinks, bookmarking, sending youtube videos, blog comments, etc.

    6) As the thread suggest, I need 2k/month to be home..

    However my first goal for this niche, is to crack it at around $600 month.

    That means about 20 sales. Now, If I suppose that 10% of visitors to my site opt-in on my funnel. and that of all those that opt-in, 10% becomes buys the product.

    I will need about 70 visitors a day (if all else is true)

    70 a day ===> 2100 visitors a month ====> 210 opt-in ==> 21 buy..

    21*30 =$630!

    So bottom line. My first task is to bring traffic to 100 visits a day.

    So that's my main goal for now...100 peeps a day.

    and here's what I've got on market samurai (kw - searches - SEOT clicks if #1 on Google - SEOC number of pages in google with kw - SEOTC number of people using kw in title page)

    chosen keyword 5 266 111 13,200 22,500
    chosen keyword 4 217 91 32,300 1,560
    chosen keyword 2 62 26 6,110 795
    chosen keyword 3 145 60 10,200 18,700
    chosen keyword 1 145 60 6,180 560
    keyword rich 1 domain name - 1,332 559 135,000 40,200

    I'll start with two of those keywords, and work to bring them on Google's first page.

    So as for now, I have to decide where to put the blog, spice it up a bit, and then drop contents on the blog for the two keywords I'll choose, and then write articles for those two keywords for each major article directories.

    I may be wrong lol.. but if you guys have better idea on what to do at that point, it would be much appreciated.

    Until then, I'll report tomorrow or later tonight.

    Thanks for all the help guys!

    Ohhh forgot to mention also, my site is already indexed in Google. :)
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    Holy crap that's a lot of words.
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    Yup! I give you that, that's a lot of words..
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    Get some articles written ($5 each)) or do them yourself on your chosen niche optimise for each chosen keyword; submit them to places like ezinearticles, goarticles, articlebase etc this would be a good start for traffic.

    Also submitting to document share such as docshare,scribd and slideshare would be a good idea.

    Ive seen first page listings inside a week for chosen niche keywords with this method so i know it works.

    Create promotional videos submit to youtube,metacafe etc. (not just one but loads)

    Get scrapebox or xrumer service here on BHW and get some backlinks.

    Just a few ideas.
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    Well it definitely looks like you have a really good start and that is the planning. It seems like you have everything laid out and you know exactly what you want to do, which is great!

    SEO may seem real hard just thinking about it, but it just takes one step at a time. Maybe one video and one article a day with links pointing back to your site along with some other backlinks (blog commenting, forum profiles, etc.). Just make sure to get your backlinks indexed!

    Other than that you really have the hard part out of the way because you know exactly what you want to do and have some good direction. I'm curious to hear about your progress and your results so keep us updated! Good luck :D
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    Thanks Jack & Charlie,

    I'm definitely making it happen this time, no matter what! ;)

    I had no idea a site such as Fiverr existed, for now I'll stick to writing my own articles and use whatever profit I make to reinvest in some kind of outsourcing and backlinking.

    And how about the documents you upload? Are they mostly for backlinking purposes? or for viral marketing?

    Well I had planned the whole day, to write articles, but setting up the blog took a good chunk of my time. Good thing is it is now out of the picture, and I can now really focus on getting those articles done.

    I'm planning on writing about 10 articles (300 - 400 words long) and upload them to those article directories. Hopefully I get this done by tomorrow, and I'll report then!

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    Hey We have an SEO service to rank you up on Googles First page for Lots of traffic! PM me ;)
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    Hey thanks Hate, but I have yet to have the privilege to send messages as I have fewer than 15 post lol
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    sometimes I wonder if BHW stands for Black Hat World or Broke Hat World...

    I think there are at least 10-15 posts like these a month lately. sad.
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    why is it sad that people come on here to learn to earn some extra cash?
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