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    hello all...

    First off, I wasn't entirely sure where I should put this thread. This seemed like the best spot, but if not, mods, please move it.

    Although I'm looking to move into IM full-time, I am also involved in several regular biz's. I'm doing legit, no-money-upfront mortgage mods, and I need some pros to find the customers for me.

    We're not talking about nickels and dimes here, guys. HUNDREDS of dollars per deal, and all you have to do is send the traffic. We'll take care of the paperwork, the tracking, and all the headaches. I'll give more specifics about payouts, etc. to those that we choose to work with.

    I am NOT interested in buying traffic or leads, so please don't start sending me messages about that. This would be a CPA type deal, where you would get paid once the customer pays. It flows like this: you send the traffic, the customer fills out a pre-qual form (no cost to them), we review their info to make sure they're a candidate for a mod, if so, they pay us and we pay you. I'll send you the money the moment they pay. It's that simple. Typically I ask for them to pay via USPS money order, which I can cash quickly and therefore pay out to you quickly. I really don't care for the most part how you want to get paid, it's all good. Hell, I'll send you payment on each one individually overnight if that makes you happy. Or once a week, or whatever.

    How much can you make? Who knows. Depends on your skill at sending the right kind of client our way. I can tell you this, though, even just 2 or 3 a week will make you happy you read this. The forms that come in currently through old-fashioned methods convert really well, since we're detailed about who can and can't apply. That keeps the worthless apps out of the pipeline pretty well.

    I've heard the stories about companies skimming / lying / etc. and costing you guys money. You don't have to worry about that here. We're pros, and we expect you to be. We know if you don't get paid, you won't send clients. I plan on sending reports to each person that comes on board showing (with initials only, no personal info) who from their traffic has filled out a pre-qual and what the status is (submitted, approved/not approved, and finally accepted and paid). We can hook up google stats or whatever to the "thank you" page so you can see that traffic for yourself. That way you'll know from google that the "thank you" page was hit 20 times, so when you see 20 pre-quals on your report you'll know that's accurate.

    I could spend a year getting up to speed on your techniques to some degree, but the market is hot NOW, so I'd rather pay for your help. I'll make more now and you'll make more.

    Since we're dealing with people's private financial info here, all forms will have to be filled out on our website to ensure privacy. You are more than welcome to use landing pages, etc. to find them, but they have to come to us for the particulars. Also, unlike some of the shady-type mod companies, we do the pre-quals for no charge, therefore, we can't spend a lot of time on worthless pre-qual apps that can't possibly qualify. So if a particular affiliate is sending us lots of trash apps, we'll just have to cut them off. We'll still pay them on whatever good biz they've sent us, but like I said, we're doing the initial pre-qual on our expense, so it can't get all bogged down in garbage apps.

    Hopefully some of you find this offer interesting. With the current mortgage situation in the U.S., it's a HUGE market, which as you know means huge potential. If the kind of traffic I think is possible comes in through this program, I'm also considering some kind of major promo to reward the top affiliates. Big cash bonus, cool car, something. But I can't make any promises on that 'til I see what you guys can do. But I do know that we can make a ton of money together.

    If you are interested, please send me a PM. Include some info about what kind of traffic you can generate, maybe some details about traffic you've sent to previous programs you've promoted. Just something to help me gauge your skill/experience level.

    thanks for your time...