Breaking into a Brand New 200 Million People through Clickbank (Brazil)

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    In late 2011 last year, Clickbank opened its doors to a couple of other markets including One major market, BRAZIL.

    With over 200 Million people living today in Brazil, who barely speak any english and a booming economy, the info-product market is comparable in size to the American market, with the particularity that THERE IS ALMOST ZERO COMPETITION.

    Brazil is a dream come true for Internet Marketers. Imagine getting clicks in the Google Content Network for 1 penny? or Facebook Ads targeted clicks for as little as $0,05. Yes, we have had this; the market is really this good. As you may imagine with a market this untapped, it?s hard for any experienced marketer to not to make a lot of money with a decent product, even if obviously, you still cannot expect the same conversion rate as we have in the U.S., as a lot of people are only now starting to get and use credit cards (most people still use debit).

    The big problem we were facing is that the products for the Brazilian market tend to suck. They are usually crap translations from websites targeted to U.S. market, the products are overpriced and the commissions are bad. To fix that, we as native Portuguese speakers, have created and exhaustively tested some top notch info products in the best niches, which are now being published in Clickbank.

    The TWO FIRST products released:

    1 ? Our Get your girlfriend back system for Brazil which has been thoroughly tested, and really converts GREAT in the 20ish-30ish age range.

    2 ? First Internet Marking Product on Clickbank for the Brazilian market!!! A ?How to Make Money Blogging? system (guide + video) which is now being tested and is also pulling a lot of interest and conversions.

    Payout to affiliates is 75% on all products. Hundreds sold and NO refund requested yet.

    So yeah, as we want to spend our time doing Landing Page optimization and releasing new products, we are now calling for your Expert help to make both of us a LOT of money. So give them a shot, test some brazilian traffic? with this market, the odds are you?re going to be profitable from the get-go.


    We have been getting ~150 UVs a day social/organic traffic on the first site and these are the results for last month:
    While it may not seem much, remember that you can get 100 Targeted Clicks for less than $5 in Brazil with a decent knowledge of traffic sources and PPC (just be careful not to buy scam traffic from torrent sites and such), so I don't need to tell you the money making potential this thing has with a good PPC'er.

    Get Creatives in Portuguese, Kw Lists and Ad copy examples here (not been made available for other CB affiliates yet):
    hxxp:// comoreconquistarumamor [dot] COM / affiliates
    hxxp:// comoganhardinheirocomblog [dot] ORG / affiliates

    How to get there through Clickbank:
    Click Marketplace -> Advanced Search -> Scroll down and tick the flag where it says Portuguese -> Select Us and not the crappy American translation products

    Support for International Affiliates
    If you need any help getting the brazilian portuguese Ad copy right, or need any further help with the targeting or anything, be sure to hit us up at info [at] comoreconquistarumamor [dot] com, and we?ll be happy to help you.
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    how we choose product for targeted countries

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