Branding Yourself and an introduction to Diamond Dave

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    Big companies understand the importance of brands. If the product is recognizable, customers are more likely to embrace the idea behind the product or service. The same holds true for individuals. People not only listen more intently to a familiar voice, they become raving fans for life.

    Customers that shop online can be skeptical, since they can not see you or hear you. How do they know that you represent a quality product of service? By not branding yourself you are loosing out on customers in the long run. Once a customer buys from you, you can have them for a lifetime if you provide good value for their money.

    Branding also helps people remember and say o yea he's "Mr. Fire" or "ShoeMoney". If you had the name John and no last name most people would forget about you because there are so many Johns you would blend into the background of cyberspace. Just do a quick search on Google. How many search results for John do you see? A lot right? So the next time you build a white hat website or product remember the importance of branding!

    On a side note I'm changing my username to Diamond Dave (don't worry I won't be selling you anything, other than trying to get you to stay as long as possible at BHW)

    Why Diamond Dave? Many years ago, I worked for a catering company and had a boss who really respected me. I hustled and worked harder than anyone else working there and showed respect towards his he nick named me Diamond Dave. Okay enough about me.

    Don't worry I'm still the same Dave...just with a cooler Avatar.:redindian

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    I like the idea of branding yourself...

    but if your ultimate goal is freedom you want to remove yourself as much from the equation as possible and develop passive income streams that are fully independent of you
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