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  1. Hey,

    I'm looking for someone to work with who can assist in marketing a band/musician as a brand. I'm looking for geo targeted real facebook & twitter likes/fans/follows Youtube views to generate some initial traffic and let the rest do the work.

    Also advertising methods that will generate traffic to the brand website thus generating sales.

    I've been reading the forum for a while as a lurker and i'm aware of sites such as vagex (which always makes me laugh when saying it) YTnuke etc..

    and less aware of facebook/twitter methods/sites so any info would be very welcome.

    I'm not sure if a sole person could fulfil this job or if it would be cheaper to go to individual sites. However I am potentially looking at a regular parner should someone be able to fulfil this at a reasonable cost (e.g. not charging ridiculous prices for something YTnuke can do at a lower cost).

    I hope i've posted this in the correct area as well.

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  3. Hi ok how can I contact you ?