Brainstorming about traffic and sales in and out of fiverr

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    Hi all :)
    I wanted to start a discussion about traffic which I think everybody can learn something from.

    Here's my story:

    Started a fiverr account about 2 years ago and uploaded 2-3 gigs.
    Then after a few months I saw someone else who sells a video creation gig that I could also do.
    He was doing extremely well with hundreds of sales to each one of his 5 gigs within 3-4 month.
    I uploaded 16 different gigs each one offering a different template and started a 2nd account with 20 more.
    I can't say that I didn't make sales.
    I still do.
    But now, a year after - I still sell about 3-6 gigs a day in total and I find it very hard to increase these numbers...

    The problem? TRAFFIC!
    How do I know?
    Well...the number of views to all of my gigs together in the last year is lower than the number of FEEDBACK the other guy got for just 1 of his gigs.
    Conversion rate is about 15-20%, but views man...views... no more than 20-30 a day to all 38 gigs together... :-(

    Now, I guess people are thinking now - "I bet his title and description suck".
    They don't!
    I changed them 3-4 times over the last year, tried copying (not completely) from the best sellers, changed tags, did keyword research - nothing really helps!
    I mean - I do sell more, but it's still nothing compared to the other guy. not even 10%....
    I also bough a few gigs to promote my own gig backlinks, youtube advertising, social bookmarks - it all helped but in terms of 150 gigs per month instead of 135 - not in terms of 20-40 gigs per day like my competitor...

    The thing is - he's a top rated seller.
    Do you guys think there's a chance that if I get the top rated seller status my views (and sales) go up by 1000% the morning after I get top rated?

    I contacted fiverr and asked for them to consider making me a top rated seller 4 times in the last year and they just copy and paste the same answer saying that human moderators decide who is top rated and who is not and they cannot disclose the requirements...


    What's the catch? what am I missing?
    Selling successfully for 2 years, 100% positivie feedback, returning customers who are really happy with my gig - but still less than 1000 views in the last year 38 gigs all together???
    While the other guy (and not only him) sometimes get 500 SALES within 1 month??

    Now, this whole topic doesn't happen only on fiverr of course...

    From my experience with ebay,amazon,fiverr,youtube,facebook and tons of other platforms - even wordpress sites:
    Seems to me like whatever your'e trying to sell online - it's always gonna be about traffic.
    Conversions can be improved with trial and error - but for this you have to have decent traffic so that the numbers will make sense...
    How do you get the traffic? Is it even possible white hat?

    Sometimes I think that even if somebody wanted to just hand out $100 to anybody who asks for it - he will have trouble getting people to notice his offer...

    What do you guys do about traffic?

    If you had for example a strong and liable connection to a good dropshipper who can dropship canon cameras for you for an unbeatable price and still leave you a profit of $50 per camera - that's more or less a dream business - right?
    Sell what people are already buying, for the cheapest price and make good margins without having to even see the merchandise?
    Well - let's imagine that I do have such a business opportunity (I wish)...
    What do I do now?
    On eBay or Amazon it would be relatively easy because people are sorting by price, but if I start my own website and offer these cameras at the best price online:
    Where does the traffic come from?
    Google shopping is not free anymore, imagining I can do good enough SEO to beat amazon or best buy at the search results would be!

    I would appreciate not only suggestions and insights but also to hear from people who are frustrated like me and what their story is...
    I'm curious to know how many people like me are trying to make money online in several different ways and always get stuck with he traffic issue...

    My regards :)
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    There are a lot of variables that you have to consider with fiverr. For example, if the other seller was ever or is featured it would drive more sales obviously. I always over deliver and am days ahead of my estimated delivery time and had more reviews in my first 3 weeks than some other sellers did in 6 months. My daily orders would usually increase when the more recent reviews were extremely positive and informational compared to the typical - great seller etc. Always give them something extra if you can and make sure they know it - for example if you are selling 500 links deliver 550 and tell them "Hey, I did an extra 50 links for you, let me know what you think". That is my golden nugget for fiverr - "Let me know what you think" for whatever reason as soon as I started saying that I would get amazing reviews.

    Now on to you the Canon scenario. If you can do SEO you don't necessarily have to compete with amazon or best buy - I'm sure there may be some decent long-tail terms like cheapest black Canon EOS t3 price plus shipping (no clue, just an example). But you may not have to go that route at all. Think about it like this - When you put a site up on the internet it's like trying to open a brick and mortar store on some back alley frequented only by bums and stray dogs. No one is going to know your there. So, you get some sign spinners, some door hangers and send out some direct mail, and build up a decent customer base.

    With a website you could do that by being active in forums related to your product, you don't have to post 500 comments, just a couple then start a new thread like "I'm thinking about getting this Canon camera, found it here for xyz price, what do you guys think?" or replying to people when they ask about cameras, which leads to the next one.

    Yahoo answers - simple answer questions related to cameras - insert link. Make fake question about cheap places to buy - insert link.

    Submit coupons to coupon sites.

    Join a related facebook group.

    None of these would get you a ton of sales, hell you'd be lucky to get 1 at first, but after a while you would get some if you kept at it.

    Once you get a few sales it would open a whole lot of other doors like ppc, advertising etc.

    Not to mention if you were selling a physical product you could also incorporate some offline moethods to drive traffic to your site.