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Brainstorming about Starting/Joining a MLM

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by EzBreezy, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. EzBreezy

    EzBreezy Registered Member

    Oct 24, 2009
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    The contract with my job ended last week so I've been looking for an alternative. I'm going to have my hands full with a baby in about 2 months so I'm trying to set the frame work down for something lucrative.

    I found a few MLMs like Team Beach Body which looks like fun. And I also have a free hasoffers account that's collecting dust.

    Here are my offline ideas: shoot them down, copy them, suggest better - doesn't matter. I'm in this for the discussion.

    MLM: Team Beach Body
    TBB sounds like an easy thing to do. I am thinking about posting on CL in the groups section "Bikini season's coming! Who wants to lose weight and make money at the same time" or something to that effect.

    I plan on getting a group of people together and turn them into either BB customers or BB Coaches. I'm going to teach them how to start and maintain an online presence and make a few bucks. I'll do all this for free as long as they sign up under me. I even have hosting that I'll provide them for free - providing that they supply their own domain names.

    I chose BB because it seems easy enough to get into. You can sell online or off and you don't need to hold 'parties'. Its only $30 bucks to join (and 15/month) and since I can get them up and running on day one, they won't have to struggle through that 30 period and have a better chance of remaining a member of my team. But, if they don't like it, they still have time to get their money back.

    Other reason I picked BB is that after I recruit 2 other Coaches, BB will provide me with paying customers to market to. Every time someone buys something from their site, they go to a random (I guess) Coach, who will then receive commission off of them for than and future purchases. Of course, I can and will gather my own, but I always thought it was a good touch.

    My Own MLM
    This one will take a lot more planning to get off of the ground. But, I was thinking about teaching people IM for free, as above. This time using my hasoffers account to give everyone their own links.

    This method is similar to one CPA Cyclone or something other stupid name where you get offers from one agency and then get other people to promote them for you.

    I figure I'll teach everyone how to make money online/offline give them their affiliate links or numbers (PeyPerCall, seems like it will work, too) and release them into the wild.

    The MLM comes in when I tell everyone to recruit and train their own teams of moneymakers. I keep the cost low to entice more people. The recruiting rep will get half of the joining fee and a percent of the sales. Of course they will get hosting and free training and support from me or their team leads.

    About this training...
    I know I'm not the best IMer, but a lot of the newbie info I need can be found right here or in other places. I just have to relay the info to them. While researching and testing things out myself, I'll learn more and in turn teach them more. In the end, everyone wins, right?

    Ok, so that's it. Feedback is appreciated.
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