[BRAINSTORM] passive income idea using facebook "ITS VIRAL"

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    i will narrate a story and the idea is in there.......

    One fine day shariq came through a ad on facebook stating "get paid to use facebook"
    he immediately clicked on it ....the ad took him to a webpage called "facebook income" ...the title said "signup now and recieve 5$ instant cash"
    while in the process of signing up he was greeted by box saying that he should complete a survey in order to sign up....he completed the survey and he signed up.......
    Instantly his facebook wall got posted by a link saying "
    "whooo!! I just earned 5$ to post this on my wall ..click here to post this ad on your wall and make 5$"

    a friend of shariq signed up on the same page..........but later they both figured out that the minimum payout is 20$ ...in order to reach 20$ they have to promote some offers on their wall....the offers are simple and they get 1$ per click!!!!!
    Every day a post was made on their wall....stating their daily earnings.....soon everyone on his friendlist was posting similar ads on there walls.......

    He made some money .....but he got bored.....after a few months when he checked the site....the site had a new owner...and new offers to promote!!!!

    the end
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