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Apr 19, 2008
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Have you guys seen that
site dominating the DP forums?

On occasion I find time to make a visit over to DP and I always noticed that the adwords content network were showing banners for the rich jerk site, but now some new guy is dominating the spot,
. Obviously he is doing something right to make money off this. I wanted to point this site out so that maybe we could replicate his methods and get the same success.

Anybody got any clue what he is doing to make soooo mooch money off this? His site's layout looks relatively simple like some variation of a single page wordpress layout.

Just thought I'd bring it up for food for thought....:D
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Havent seen that ad. I like how his check is $5,000 on the nose. Photoshopped?

After looking at the site I don't know if the site is going to be the same maybe a couple months down the road. Why pay all that money on adwords and such and you have no monitization on your site.

After clicking the links the grant and the google thing its just a landing page to a product they are selling so he is getting commission on each sell. Must be working well for him I guess.
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I'm guessing its the same person who owns this site

Same layout and style and the same grant offer.
I've been seeing that Chedda gets Cheddar ad everywhere. It's so sad too because I know people are falling for it. I have to admit though, it's one hell of an ad campaign.
I love how he put into the page "6 Responses" built into his little review page but all comments have been disabled.

I'm not up to date on the current BHW rules from a while ago but let me propose a new one.

NO talking about DP/WF or any of those shit bag idiotic forums. I'm tired of seeing so many ads now a days about DP or pointing out how "Noobish" it is.. we know.. While the forum shouldn't be alive, just be glad it is or else they'd all try to migrate here. Seriously though, the DP posts are getting out of hand now, we need to put a rule or limit onto it.

My mistake if there already is a rule in place.
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I saw that Chedda one. I think it's hilarious and I bet he's making bank off of it.
there is no money in these style blogs

stay away
fucking idiot.

actually he uses the dp idiots to generate himself a nice income. Even if he received those sad $5000 they wouldn't of be EXACTLY $5000 sharp.
These are just affiliates from some company, and this site is probably just part of the affiliate tools.

You'll notice that if you click the links, your redirected to an offer, and if you check the link there's tracking and affiliate ID code in it.
Those pages are all over the net. They must be working because people are copying them and putting there twist on it.

Brad , Chedda, Retired Marine, Retired army vet, the list goes on and on.

Chedda's LOL "My white fried Devin did the same thing as me and is getting like $3k a month i think."
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I'm going to try this out. The dude nearly convinced me that he got a 12,000 grant and is making $5000 a month from a Google business. So I know I can convince other people. I'm going to put my own spin on it, but it does look promising. Thanks for sharing.

BTW these offers DO have high payouts. $30+ each.
You can find some very enlightening info about Bradsmoney at the WorkAtHome Truth website...this guy did some good research and follow-up on their TOS and how they are gouging folks. And he has some info also on the phone # they use and how they charge to CC's. Appears to be like some of the incent sites and their TOS when you don't cancel within the allotted time frame...only these jerks charge you $94.89/month. He also did a check on the routing number of the bank since the whole account number was visible on the site and strangely enough couldn't find it listed anywhere.

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