[bot] automate scraping, create pdf and email them? how ....

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    Need to find a solution so any advice is welcomed!

    I need to do the following ...

    1) read in a record from csv (username/password)
    2) goes to a website, logs in using details collected in #1, scrapes some data.
    3) inserts the data collected in #2 into a template (template can be any format) and also inserts information collected in #1 to create a multipage pdf file which is saved to a local folder.
    4) creates a email again based on data found in #1 and attaches the pdf created and sends.
    5) marks the record used in above process in the csv file in #1
    6) restarts step1 using the next unmarked record.

    I have looked at the likes of uBot but told it can't handle my requests?

    Any suggestions on how i can do this?
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    Ya, I would not try it with uBot, I think it could probably be done in ubot if you made scripts and hosted them online for functions such as creating PDFs and other things that uBot doesn't do, but would be a huge headache. You're better off paying to get it coded.
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