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Does this do anything to fix the pagespeed insights score? Need to know if you're able to fix my terrible rank with google's pagespeed tool? There's a lot of parts within this that aren't related to what google is telling me needs to be fixed.

The service was really very nice :)
OP was really kind doing his job, the site speed is now over 90% and before it was something like 60-70%.
OP did an Really nice job :)
Hi, I'm interested in your service. Are discounts still available?
Can you pm me if it's the case please, also I would like to ask you few questions before the purchase.
Thank you in advance and have a good day!
I want to try the service. I tried reaching you out on the website and also commented on this thread but didn't get the response.
Thanks a lot for such interest in our speed optimization service. We're still working hard to make all BHW users' websites faster :) Speed is key both for SEO, Ad Revenue and Conversion Rate. Act now to speed up your website and boost your SEO.

Ask for a Discount or Free Analysis on Your Website

I'd like to show some of our latest jobs with the exact numbers. All results are from BHW members. They will recognize their results ;)

********** (from 2.3 second to 0.9 seconds)


********** (5X Speed Improvement, 100% PageSpeed Score, 9X Less Requests)


******** (3X Speed Improvement, 98% PageSpeed Score)


b****.com (2X Speed Improvement, 100% PageSpeed Score)


p******** (3X Speed Improvement, 98% PageSpeed Score)


*********** (2X Speed Improvement, 99% PageSpeed Score, 3X less requests)


a***** (3X Speed Improvement, 96% PageSpeed Score, 1 second load time)


******** (5X Speed Improvement, 94% PageSpeed Score)


l******.org (96% PageSpeed Score, 1.1 second load time)


************ (2.5X Speed Improvement, 98% PageSpeed Score, 4X lower requests)


******** (2X Speed Improvement, 100% PageSpeed Score)


******* (3X Speed Improvement, 98 PageSpeed Score)


Those already got their project done by OP , how to upload new plugin ?

I cannot see add new plugin now under my Plugin option . I in box TS , waiitng for his reply but it will be later guess timezone different now prehaps he is sleeping

I urgent ask here because want to test out one plugin
Was skeptical about the service as my site was already well optimized however OP was still able to speed my website up over 100%
I'm very pleased with the results, thanks a lot. Will definitely use your service again in the future.
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