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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by jack4ireland, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Here is the basic gist of the idea.

    Create your video and make certain that you have your URL in the watermark and in the video metadata. It is important to make sure that there is no sound in this video at all because it will cause issues with step 3 (obviously this could be annoying to users)
    Upload your video to Youtube
    Cloaking of Video using Iframe - If you have a site that generates a good amount of traffic, you can embed the video in the footer or at the bottom of your site using a 0px by 0px iframe embed and the Youtube URL for the video. Now, every time that your page is loaded, Youtube will see these impressions as a video view.
    Double check your work, make sure that the iframe and the video is not visible in your live page. Check your views on youtube from time to time to make sure that this method is working properly.
    Sit and wait - you will see the views increase for your video each time your page with the iframe is loaded
    Get Honors - After performing these steps, it is possible with enough traffic that your video will be placed in the top viewed this week and this month. This will provide you with 3 ?Honors? , which will put your video on three separate top pages of YouTube. In order to get additional honors, it is a good idea to chat with other friends back and forth about the video by commenting through YouTube. This way you have a chance to gain an additional honor and have your video placed on the ?most commented? page which will put the webmaster on another front page of YouTube.
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    nice idea, have you tested it?
    tho it's probably better to get comments some other way, it will look wierd if only two diffrent people have comment the videos
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    nice tip
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    Ye aI heard this before here Someone else shared this method with a blog minimizing the video to like nothing and muting it. Its a good method but after a while youtube will check the backlinks if something is getting fishy. I see tons of other people doing this with their videos I go check their website for the video and I cant find it no where.
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    Someone tried it?!
    I think that this doesn't work, because the person have to click on "play" button, to start loading the clip ...