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Sep 5, 2009
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Max CPC - cost-per-click suggested by the tool to get first ad position on this keyword. This is a good estimation of what the highest cost per click is for the given keyword.

Avg CPC - average cost-per-click suggested by the tool for highest bidder. Because ads are rotated and bids are automatically lowered to match the next ad, this is the average cost than the highest bidder would pay for one click. This is a good estimation of your average cost for one click.

The CPC rates are guaranteed to be the same as returned by Google Adwords Traffic Estimator tool on the day of compilation; however, this tool is best used to estimate the best paying keywords when building your marketing plan. As the exact payment amounts are ever changing, but the higher paying keywords are fairly consistent. The top words on the list will generally pay more then the one on the bottom.

i wonder how good this list is? ever since google offered 'smart pricing' the income has been falling. words like 'mesothelioma' no longer bring in the big bucks.
Thank you very much! How current is this list?
this seems to be very old. there are many vioxx keywords in there which as of now do not have any advertisers. so guess its really old
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