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Bonus Marketing the Power of Packaging

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mattewens, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Jan 31, 2012
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    Have you ever asked yourself this question? how can you make a satisfied customer even more satisfied? How can you make a smiling client smile for a longer period of time? We are all in the business of doing business and if you ever stopped to think about how you can make the world a better place for the people who are going to give you money then this article will show you a great way to bring more smiles to your customers and at the same time get you more sales and conversions using bonus marketing.

    Sounds good? Of course, it does!

    Well, the way you can do this is to offer bonus marketing packages. There are many benefits of packages and below you will find out the power of packaging when it comes to Internet marketing.

    Buyers prefer bonus Marketing packages.

    This is a universal truth that you should realize as a marketer. What you can do with your offers is to package them in one special offer deal that your customers can get for the price of one. That?s why you will normally see people including bonus marketing into their offers.

    This is not to say that without offering a bonus you won?t be able to sell anything. No. What I am indicating is that you will be able to increase your conversions by using bonus marketing packages, and this has been proven over and over again in many niches by both the merchants and the affiliates that offers bonus to their buyers?.I bet you see these a lot!

    Buyers generally prefer packages. The same goes to people like you and me. Everyone loves packages because you simple get more for what you purchased, and that?s always good. The beauty of this bonus marketing packaging is that the buyers will get the main product they were looking to buy in the first place and that they will also enjoy extra products that could potentially benefit them as well. There?s really nothing to dislike here and everything to like about.

    Packaging bonus marketing for your customer has become a norm to internet marketing. Sure there are people who make money by selling a single product. These people, quite frankly, has not really seen the power of packaging or they it could be that they are selling the item for a very low price.

    Benefits of Bonus Marketing Packages.
    The main benefits of packaging a few products into a package are definitely going to be an increased conversion and more customer satisfaction. You will get people who go about saying how ?worth it? the purchase actually is by spending money on investing in your offers and that is always a good thing.

    The next benefit is that you can actually get more people to talk about your ?other? bonus marketing offers included with our main product. You can actually do packages and sell them off as a firesale instead of using the typical ?main product plus bonuses? business model all the time. A firesale is simply a ton of products packaged together and sold at ridiculously low price. It?s like a special warehouse sale and as you know these kind of sales will have you lots of traffic flooding in to get a copy so that they do not get left out? Here?s another ?>

    Easier to sell.

    When you package your product you are actually setting up your offer to be easier to sell. People love to look for special deals and discounts. It?s just part of human nature. You want more for less. You?ll want the best quality, but you are reluctant to part with more money. Therefore, when you have packaged your product, you are actually feeding them what they want and that is that they can get more to satisfy their hunger, and at the same time it?s not going to be too painful for their wallet as well.

    Higher profits.

    Some would argue that when you package your products together you actually get to sell less. That is incorrect. This is because when you acquire a customer, they will rarely buy stuff from you again unless they are utterly amazed with the value that you have given them. Hence, if you are one of those that package your offers and provide a huge amount of value for what they have paid, then customer satisfaction will come naturally.

    And when they decide to make use of what they purchased and find out that whatever they did purchase is very useful and comes with a ton of extra stuffs, you can guarantee yourself a lifetime customer right then, right there?the power of Bonus Marketing.

    So this comes back to the question, can you sell for more profits? Yes. Because your package will instill a higher perceived value, you can actually charge more and get away with it. It?s like upselling without actually upselling and this is done automatically.

    You can even call it a subtle upsell. This is a tactic that a ***** would actually praise. Hence if you are having trouble upselling your offers, you can always try to package it into your main offer and then charge them a higher price. Make sure that you mention that the bonus is actually free for customers and they will buy into your marketing message thinking that they are getting more for the same price.

    What can you add in your Bonus Marketing Package?
    Well, one thing is for sure, you cannot simply add anything you like into your package. Make sure they are of high value and make sure that your products that you are going to insert into the packages are actually relevant to the main product or the niche that they are in.

    For example, if you are selling golf products, please do not expect that people will get it or perceive your product as a high-value product if you package some cook books together as a bonus. In fact, some would actually take that as distraction or hindrance to their goals and that might actually hurt your sales numbers. Therefore, always be sure to include relevant products that will actually benefit your customers. They will love you for it, and you always get paid for your kindness.

    How would you like to have a System that did this for you AUTOMATICALLY?

    You can see the whole article here -

    url [dot] MattEwens [dot] com/BonusMarketing