• BMW 3

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  • AUDI A 4

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Why'd u crash?
I drove both...currently I drove the new A4 and was not that impressed with it. Which model years are u looking at?
Why'd u crash?
I drove both...currently I drove the new A4 and was not that impressed with it. Which model years are u looking at?
Certainly 2005 it's around 16K in my country I can't afford more expensive as a car is not a real asset and lose value quickly

For the crash I was driving so fast while is was drunk, so i smashed a tree...To repaire it it cost 6k so i prefered selling it and working to get a new one
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i'd rather get a Volvo.
I have an audi A4, really like the car runs good, looks good has a little "pep"95 speed) but I like the idea of a volvo too. The S80 T6 with turbo, 280 HP gets to 60 MPH in around 7 seconds. Quick and looks pretty good too!

But I saw one of THESE Yesterday...I WANT!!



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I couldn't own a 3 series... It's kinda like owning a Rolls Royce ghost, because you'll always know you could've had a phantom. Also don't like A4s either :')

You thought about an Insignia OP?
BMW wins every time. I miss my beemer. It's sat on my drive dead :( Needs a fair bit of work to become road legal.

Moral of the story:

1) DON'T buy a car previously done up by others - there will be problems in the double figures (lol)
2) Get a beemer. NOW.
Just based on looks, I say Audi..
Way more classy. BMW has a sort of 'I am a middle age man but want to look like a young guy'-kind of image, I don't know why, I've just never liked BMW and probably never will.
If your gonna get a Bmw 3, get the 335 model, the 328 is such a weak have no idea. Test drive both and you will feel the difference. If you can't afford the M3, they have a 335is which is also a beast car.

As for Audi, they are awesome to drive. It feels like a boat or jetski when you accelerate, it pushes you into the floor, and no one has a better AWD system than Audi.
BMW 3 or Audi A4? Damn, it's easy ;)
BMW 3 all the way!

PS: Anyway Audi have made an awesome work with the new A5...
Audi's all the way. Mine has never been in the workshop. I still like BMW but I recently saw the guts of a low-end model and the quality of build wasn't much to write home about.
I have nothing against BMW's, I quite like the older generation ones, but Audi FTW! There are many reasons as to why I prefer Audi over BMW but I won't go into that as I'm sure arguments will start. Most people I know that drive a BMW seem to be arrogant folks that think they're better then you...
They're both nice. I ended up getting an '08 335xi coupe, which is a beast in the winter and 300hp twin turbo can't be matched by Audi in its price class. The A4 looks really nice though, and in my opinion looks better than the 3 series sedan. However, I like the 3 series coupe and the 335 has more performance for the money. To get 335 performance you need an S4 or S5, and those are significantly more expensive, plus the newest trim style is only a couple of years old and still expensive.

In the end it's just a matter of how much you like the way Audis look vs BMW, and if you like them both about the same with looks, then a 335 is going to smoke an A4 for a few dollars more and less than an S4 or S5.
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