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    Interent marketing seems so natural for everyone here. Im not quite an idiot to all this but pretty close. What I am good at using a CL Poster and Proxies and learning quickly. I sell real estate and investing services, but am brand new to the area I now live and am starting completely over.

    I know every one here is super busy, but... want to see if someone could help me with a plan or blueprint like "Metelan1" posted. That was great insight but I cant quite figure how I need to taylor it to my industry(real estate and RE investing) I basicly do what REDFIN does. offer next to free service and Investment opps.

    Please if any one could offer any tip etc... I really would appreciate it. I could even repay you with phenominal investment opps as they come avail.

    1. I know i need a website(squeeze page). - dont know how to build one and am on a practicly non existant budget. any tips on free and how to and where to? (how to build and were to host?)

    2. I know I need to find out what redfin uses as their keywords- dont know how.

    3. i know I need to get a list of Loan Officers in my state. cause they can market for me. Dont know how- maybe a crawler or should I find a list?

    From here Im not sure.... I hope to get feedback on a blueprint for this and the rest of the way to fully (and next to free) automate leads.

    Thanks in advance. I REALLY appreciate anyones time who tries to help me out.