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    I have installed blogsolution and found the application very handy in creating niche blogs as part of your blog farm.
    But the problem with normal setup is getting posts from blogsearch fro google. It will look awkward when a real visitor find the site with just few lines in every post. It will definitely affect adsense CTR or even in affiliate clicks.

    So I have of the opinion to post articles, but there is no way to post articles at a time, say 30 articles, setup cron to update one article per day.

    I had even contacted omar from halfagain about this. He replied there is no way to post articles like this way.

    So I've made a bunch of php script with mysql. It will be setup in some of your abandoned domain. Create blogs under categories similar to your blogsolution category setup.

    Create blogs in the application, post any no of articles in the application. There is a link Create RSS feed. This will create RSS feed from all 30 article text and you can use this rss feed in the RSS url in your blogsolution setup for the particular blog.

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