Blogslammer and/or EasyBlogCreatorPro?

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    Hi everyone,

    I am feeling like it may be wise to invest in a good blogfarm installer-manager that actually works!
    (and doesn't just crash when you try to do anything useful with it;)).

    I am running a wpmu and I would like to make a bunch more on other domains and ip's. I am open to going with blogger instead since I have read so much about the stats from Google. Using blogger sites to promote my farms also sounds good.

    Automation is my number one factor. Set it up and walk away kind of automation, not desktop app posting to my blog kind of automation. I do want to be able to do a mass post to multiple public sites that I will use to link to my farms though!

    Blogslammer seems to have become an entire range of products now....what is Siteslammer anyway? It seems that Blogslammer is a good choice for Wordpress and EasyBloggerCreatorPro seems good for Blogger.

    Does anyone here actually use these?

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
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    I bought and use Blogslammer. Blogslammer will do part of the job for you.

    It use to be fully automated - create blogs, confirm the email addresses and post content. But after a few Wordpress upgrades the feature that was "on" that allowed remote posting was turned "off" by default (due to spammers). That and the fact that it doesn't grab the captchas many WP sites now employ have made the main selling points of Blogslammer useless.

    The creator reworked his selling points and now BS is to be used to create blogs on your own Wordpress MPU's or become part of a WP MPU co-op. But you are not going to get thousands of blogs to post to.

    There are still WP sites out there to create new Wordpress blogs. But the ones I have created and posted links on do not show up when I try to do a backlink search. To get blogs on the best WP sites, you will have to manually create some WP blogs, turn on the remote posting option, and then BS will let you remotely post your articles to each blog. BS has a built in article spinner, so you can even set up an article to be spun (with human readable content) for unique content on every site.