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Oct 18, 2016
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I will talk about the most disastrous mistakes in blogging. I know what I've written, but after a while writing the last article about blogging passed a long time, and blogs, as well as bloggers on the Internet, how to suffer and suffer on.

Apparently there was little written about what you can do and what can not. Today I want to write an article for those bloggers who have in the first place is worth blogging earnings, I suggest to read more carefully.

Blogging on the internet and types of earnings

Of course - many people want to earn well, but of course, who would have refused to earning $ 1000 a month on the blog. I'm right?

Statistics - 10 000 new on blogs, 100 of them begin to earn $ 1000 per month. As you know, new blogs are starting to earn money at once! After some time, the money from blogging are starting to appear, of course, the time of appearance money at all different.
Maybe, you know, why do not the rest of 9900 earning on blogs? Usually, beginners cease to conduct web-resource in 2-3 months.
Perhaps people throw their blogs because of lack of time, or even just bored, while others fall under the filters of search engines, and throw their blogs, and without solving this problem. Do not have the patience (very important) to the optimum position in the SERPs, these people simply merge, in other words, give up.

I have nothing against these people, because he has suffered similar setbacks repeatedly. Himself once wanted to maintain the site so that it would bring me money.. If a person writes a blog for myself, for the soul, and not chasing earnings, the problems of its bypass.

So what might be a huge mistake that novice bloggers. The error that is the - no strategy for earnings, not a sober assessment of the prospects for the future life of the blog, do not set a specific mission.

Let's start with the topic. For example, my theme creation, website promotion and money on the Internet.This theme is in second place, the first place is fun. Why am I telling you this? Simply income from different themes!

Take the example of contextual advertising , if I have advertising revenue 5000 per month with the attendance of 3 000 unique visitors per day, for example, on the culinary theme of the 5 000 per month does not work, there are other numbers.

I propose to conduct a small survey. Let everyone who reads my blog, write in the comments, how much he earns from advertising, for example, Yandex Direct, Google Adsens etc. How much money do you bring about your advertising in the category. Let's just agree, writing will be honest, of course one could boast of ...

Your answers and figures will be very useful for those new to blogging, to those who still like a hedgehog in the fog does not see prospects of their resources. It will drop dead cool, if you write, how much and on what your blog is earning as a whole. It will be fun, beginners will be able to talk sensibly and focus on the opportunities. Let's help each other!

Contextual advertising has been taken not just for an example. Usually, it is zaduryaet head beginners in the beginning of his career, which come in blogging . The permissible from: beginner, put to his blog with contextual advertising attendance 20-40 unique visitors per day, and it receives a $ 1 a day. I think that's class! Now I will raise traffic to your blog to 200 and will earn $ 100 a day.

I can tell you, as a web-master with the experience that the guys have to start to think soberly. Once I took part in the competition for isif-life about the subject site and earnings on it, so there were such participants who are already in the third month of the existence of the resource, the new year would earn $ 500 and that's just to start. You know, what? You're right! On contextual advertising.

Perhaps someone reading this post, thinks I discourage beginners desire to act. You do not need me to read with an open mouth and do a hair's breadth as I say, it is better to listen to advice. This article - "Blogging on the Internet", I decided to write only in order to remove the rose-colored glasses with some bloggers. To accept as true, my office does not follow.

Today on the Internet, you can earn a lot of money, no matter what you blog, what subjects, you can earn a lot, but that's to do do not need quite that does basically the majority of beginners think you need a sober and make a strategy.
Contextual advertising, banners, links sale, posting articles, affiliate programs , etc. using these methods, you can earn good money. There superprofits, which can bring blogs. But they are not now, these methods I will discuss later, after they check on yourself not to miss this article subscribe to update the blog.

STRATEGY blogging

Guys, remember, you have in mind, should always be the strategy of action, not only in my head! Take a leaf, a pen and write there your plans for the future on the earnings on your blog.
Most of all there is no strategy. For example, I did the man himself starts a blog and write articles, once they optimize , do internal optimization, external, etc., to promote your web-resource and start making it a lot. All this is of course good, but what and how much, you know?

You recorded the plans for the promotion and monetization of your blog? I'm sure many are saying, "Yes, I have plans." It's not enough. You can have a lot of plans, but today this is not enough! It should make strategies for the future. The strategy is not in the sense that you need to monetize your blog, but in terms of objection to the use of the people.

What does strategirovat? It means to recognize and understand the purpose of your blog, to understand and be aware of what your child benefit at all can give people. Take my blog for an example, as I said above it on the subject of creation, and the promotion of sites on the internet earnings.

Although I was a novice, I do not know all the subtleties and was like a hedgehog in the fog, but still knew that today I created a website on the subject, and only tomorrow will show blogs with the same theme, like me. Every day they will become more and more, so we have to somehow stand out from everyone.

With all of this mean to me comes to mind, that where trying to make all the money is not and can not, and since I want to make, you need to give people the benefit, not just to write interesting articles.
Once I realized this, of course it was not just me, and it all came at once, I picked up a pen, put down the paper and began to write a plan for the development of my blog.
My plan was this: to teach absolutely anyone to make money on the Internet, in particular through the blog.Today, I have a supplementary plan, it is a very powerful plan business that is just starting to develop in the Russian-speaking Internet.
Abroad, many people currently amassed a fortune by using this method. We do this tight, but nothing yet to come! Well, okay, not what we have now.
Let's return to a strategy of making blogging. What's my problem? The task such, make such a resource that will come to the people, and find it useful information (even kettles), which they learn to earn on the Internet, but it will take some time, and they can withdraw real money from the ATMs of the city. The money he earned on their own.

Will withdraw money, and think - wow, Kobzarev not lie, on the Internet, however, you can earn much money. The most basic is not what he has learned to make because of me. Thanks to the blog, here's the main thing.

My strategy has only just begun, I have to create a lot of useful and interesting content. Remember, I wrote that the site should be a lot of useful information? So this much I do not have.

I want to ask you a question, my dear readers. Is there a strategy in your life? If so, what? What mission is to fulfill your blog? Every blog should have its own defined mission. Suppose that a man created a site on cooking, on the subject on his website should be a lot of useful information.

To anyone who is interested in cooking food, hitting on your blog noticed that? Absolutely! I noticed on your website that is all that he needed to prepare delicious meals, and that his family does not go hungry.

If the theme of the site for construction, then it accordingly should be a lot of useful information. About cooking - lots of useful information. About Health - a lot of useful information, etc.

Of course, I understand that the topic of health, cooking and building, etc., it is impossible to cover everything, but still need to try and make a section on his blog, which will completely solve the problem, the question given that person.

ARTICLE blogging

It will be cool if you make more than one of these sections. For example, the theme for the construction.Section will be called - "How to make repairs in the apartment, without causing the masters." Those people who want to make repairs in his apartment alone, very much. Teach them to your blog.

Make a partition and write it a few posts on this topic, and finally show that is in this section and show people in what order you need to read your articles in order to make quality repairs at the highest level in his apartment. If you do not know the construction theme still quite profitable.

That's the way to do, not just to write articles in the spread. If you have a blog, then he is obliged to anyone to solve some problems of the people.

Write to spread and how not to be, it is almost everyone, but to make a plan and write articles useful things appropriate meaning, not everyone can. Sami probably know that when you start to read in the spread, in the head, as if to cook porridge. Therefore, we must create the necessary section, which will teach a person and avoid or get out of this problem.

You know, I do not sugar, I have such a section , but he still is not ready yet, I still have to write a few articles to complete his mission. After I finished, I will create another section that will solve another problem, and then do more and more. I have a mission in blogging, and you have it? I bet that 99% of bloggers do not have it?

Your objective in blogging, making a site that will bring people to the maximum benefit, a website that will solve their problems. This resource will bring you a lot of money!

What I want to say at the conclusion of this post - you can make money on any subject, be it cooking, building, SEO, sports and any other site. But as I wrote above, all earnings will be different and it is necessary to understand.
I want to tell you the truth, right in the forehead? As long as your web-resource has not become popular, I did not get a great audience, not to gain a lot of subscribers, etc., should not expect from him a lot of money.Meaning a lot of money for all of course different, but I want to note that when you start making even the amount which now seems to be a large, reaching it, it would be small and will want more ...
Well, let's say. Your life has become mega popular, he had a large attendance, he gathered a large audience, you have, for example, 10 000 subscribers.
I do not argue, you will earn a good, direct advertisers to reach for you (this is for sure), but still it will not be the money that you can earn by selling their talent, but that's another story. This is what I will write other articles, but for now sign up for updates , so that nothing is missed.

Well, that's all, the article came to an end, blogging on the Internet, we have reviewed, we move on.
write in short and explain in short language not anybody have time for spend too much time in reading.
Love this bit
I want to tell you the truth, right in the forehead?
The lesson here for newbies is Always proofread a spun article before publishing
I think Time also? I don't really belleve someone claim within 3 months , 6 months his /her blog adsense can earn 1k per month " no doubt possible " If their followers are A lot. thus traffic already there. Next " perhaps they using old domain which already have many backlinks , etc from pervious owner " But if you prefer new fresh domain , site it does take a lot of time slowly see the progress. Correct me if I wrong here.
I read it all, problem is that I just can't understand you in some parts.Your English is not the best I assume.
Also it was little funny to me because you messed up few words with your native language, you are Russian I guess,?

All in all, thanks a lot for this thread, thanks for effort that you put in so long text.
He's not russian bro, he just put some spun article here :). Thanks for the effort anyway
Oh, so you give someone credit, you get impressed for such effort and it ends up it was all copy paste? What's wrong with this world :p

@cdm26 BTW how so you know this?
I am a blogger and your topic helps, just a little complicated to understand..make it simple. cheers!
@Toulalan122 Hahaha just kidding... If it was written by him, then I admire his effort, anyway have a nice day!
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