Blogging multi IP same message it works (proof) :-)

Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by katyjeammers, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. katyjeammers

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    Oct 15, 2007
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    Hi everyone,

    Was looking for info about auto blogging and i found this page

    and they say:

    So, Here's What B.A.M. Does

    It's a blog software application that automates the Blog and Ping process 100%.

    Run & manage multiple projects from a single interface.

    B.A.M. works independently and does not interfere with whatever else your doing.

    Ping an unlimited number of Ping Services.

    It runs anytime. Even when your sleeping Blog Auto Machine software is working.

    Choose to post at random time intervals from 5 to 2880 minutes. (use 1440 to 2880)

    You have complete control over posting intervals and how many URLs to blog.

    Post HTML to your blogs. .

    You can pick the ping services like pingomatic. (use your imagination)

    Add links from a single URL to post.This is great for article index pages.

    Blog Auto Machine can post your page description or random content from your site.

    Add additional content to include with each post.

    BAM can use Blogger or Wordpress independently or at the same time.

    Use a Proxy Server to make your posts minizing any IP footprints.

    This Automated Blog and Ping Software will show you the work with a status report log

    B.A.M. is super easy to use and takes only minutes to set up

    and many many more features!

    so it's proof you can have same blog message and pinging it every day how often you change IP :D

    I try it before it works yes because a lot of affiliates submit or ping the personal link every day.

    Now need to find a list of millions IP :D

    Have someone try it please
    Have a nice day.
  2. biller

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    Aug 24, 2007
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    Katy, if it is the same message just sent from different ip's, why would the SE's pay any attention to it and give you extra kudo's?
  3. Ruck

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    Not to be a dick but it seems like you do more talking than implementation. I have seen counteless basic questions from you on the blogging topic. Nobody is going to give you straight up answers and if they did, who's to say the same would/would not work for you?

    Start implementing and testing and you will find your own way.
  4. rubitz.cube

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    Sep 11, 2007
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    I think you need to randomize everything, not just the ip. sooner or later they'll catch on, imho :)
  5. joy_joy

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    Nov 21, 2007
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    Start using good content... spin well and they will not come after you.