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Blogging For Profits - 6 Booklet Workshop and Free Email Mentoring ($1500 in 2 weeks)

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by sshadoww, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. sshadoww

    sshadoww Newbie

    Mar 20, 2012
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    Dear Fellow Blogger,
    It doesn?t matter if you already have one or more blogs or if you?ve never blogged in your life. What I am about to offer you is going to change the way you look at blogging and it?s going to make you a lot of money.
    By the time you?re finished with Blogging for Profits you?ll have everything you need to build your blog from the ground up and turn it into a cash machine.
    And everything you need to do is so easy and so fast that you won?t believe how profitable it is.
    I Was Blogging in the Dark...
    I had heard on different forums and from several Internet Marketers that blogging was a great way to make money. So I decided to start my own blog.
    I really liked writing on my blog. I also enjoyed trying different things with my blog.
    But I had two problems.
    The first problem was that I wasn?t making any money. Sure, I had a few dollars trickling in every month but it wasn?t even enough to buy myself lunch.
    The other problem was that I didn?t have enough visitors. There were days when I?d have hundreds of readers but most days my visitors were well below 100. And the visitors I did get weren?t signing up on my list because they weren?t targeted.
    So I decided to buy an eBook on how to monetize my blog. When that didn?t work I bought another eBook. And then I bought a course on designing my blog, another eBook, and then?
    I think you get the point...
    All told I spent more money than I care to admit. And still I wasn?t making any real money from my blog.
    I was writing blogs. It was on the Internet. But nobody was reading what I was writing. I really was blogging in the dark.
    Then one day a light bulb went off in my head. I decided to stop relying on informational products and to take things into my own hands.
    And that?s just what I did.
    I couldn?t believe the secrets I discovered...
    Armed with these secrets I started a new blog and 2 weeks later I flipped that blog for an even $1500.
    Then with the confidence I gained from finally making real money, I went ahead and created more blogs.

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