blogging farm question?


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Feb 1, 2009
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how about I set up 100 autobloggs all about the same niche. All on unique ips and seperate domains, with an backlink to my main money site.
My main money site would be a real updated site with real unique content on it.
Would the backlinks links count? at all? or just be a waste of time?
If you put it on 100 unique IPs & 100 domains, sure that you are building backlinks and not wasting your time.
waste of time for autoblogs...just normal blogs created in 2mins each...with optmized page linking back to your money site...copy paste... :D
so a 1 page spun content blogg, targeting 1 kw would be good enough.? seems doable,
I would keep it clear of ads so it wont look spammy or a mfa site..
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