Blogging and an Iframe???

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    So i have a website where i sell my products on. But i would like to begin drive traffic to it with the use of a blog. I want there to be a reason for people to spend time on my website (like all of us). When i first began i purchased a separate domain as well.

    I am thinking about autoblogging on the separate domain and then iframing if i could on my main website .. so it appears as if people are visiting my main website (as opposed to driving them to a site that I will be blasting).

    I honestly do not have time to sit and write blogs all day or spin content and post onto my main site.

    I was hoping to get some recognition and traffic from the g00gle..but also wanted to be able to post the link on facebook and twitter....

    What are your thoughts? I know some people hate autoblogging and thats fine ... just curious how we think i should go about this. Any opinions are appreciated.