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    Oct 15, 2007
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    Hi everybody, good afternoon.

    Just spoke with my manager, tell me
    1- make blogs ping each time you make a new messages the troubles if you use free hosting or plateform can get banned they do not like blog for business so best use blogger and "kill" surfbar

    2- you can ping as often as you want your affiliat links if you change each time ip ?????

    3-Does anybody try it often per day ( i only do 1 time per day no more and in August i win $2,400 only doing this). Manager tell me that's good idea because affiliates links have backlinks and if you open a new blog today you are at 00000

    4-My opinion, i want to promote more often ping blogs, differents ip and use an auto ping and generator per blog ?

    Do you agree with all please, your opinion help me thanks a lot
    have all a great week end :)