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Blogging: adsense n blogger

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by uk_soer, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. uk_soer

    uk_soer Newbie

    Sep 21, 2009
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    I'm a newbi,e my background is white hat seo (which I'm pretty good at so if you have a question PM me). The reason I came here is all the so called experts are full of [email protected], I own a business doing SEO and there is a need to stay on the cutting edge to remain in the game and the best resources I've found is black hat forums like this one which is full of the real experts and I seem to have really found a home here (thanks!)

    BTW you can use plenty here including the black hat stuff for white hat SEO. In my mind there is no white or black just shades of gray inbetween and I've found I can use some of the darker stuff in what others term a more 'ethical' (stupid phrase) manner.

    OK my question regards setting up adsense on blogger blogs. My strategy is to do some autoblogs firstly on blogger and then invest some time and money in doing the more commercial niches with dedicate domains and wordpress better.

    I've been reading all the stuff on here about blogging I have about 8 blogs I've been experimenting and learning with on two spereate G**gle (G) accounts. I only have one blog set up with adsense and within a month I've made my first $ without even trying!

    I obviously want to find the most valuable niches and exploit those using blogger blogs but I obviously don't want G**gle to understand what I'm doing and I need to find a method of setting up multiple adsense accounts on different blogger blogs and getting my money sent without getting banned so I'm hopping you guys can offer your best advice?

    My particular questions are:

    How many maximum blogs per account?

    On the blogs I have so far I have one or two commerical ones per account and the rest are just some personal interest blogs that I'm not really bothered about making me money on which to me is a great idea as it helps keep G off my scent :). Again same question but using this strategy what kind of ratio is it best to have per account between commerical: non commerical.

    How many different Adsense account can I get away with? Particularly I'm thinking about getting any earnings sent to me before there is a chance I may get banned. What's the best way to do this without causing suspicion? I'm thinking by cheque would be out of the question, is this right or is this not going to cause suspiciom if suddenly I'm getting sent decent amount's of cash?

    Is it best to ditch the blogger idea and just try and go straight to worpress on unqiue domains? Is it best to setup with freinds and family addresses and get the money sent either directly or via mail to different persons?

    In my mind G won't mind to much if I start making wods of cash out of blogger as they benefit if I'm offering decent quality content in those blogs but I want to kinda know the thresholds I can push this to without getting banned.

    Lastly just like to say thanks for all the great shares and info, I've started to seriously think about ditching clients and just focus on doing my own thing.
  2. goredbull

    goredbull Junior Member

    Sep 1, 2009
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    Working as a Salesman
    I personally use an email or each blogger blog i create.Its ok google has no problem of how many blogs you create using blogger.(Google blogger is getting traffic from your blogs -they are happy with that)
    anyway use a domain name for your high earning blogs

    Google is very happy when you use adsense on its blogs but they hate affiliate sales and promotions there.
  3. juen2929

    juen2929 Newbie

    Oct 21, 2009
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    Not to be an ass, but if Google has no problem with how many blogs you create why do you use a different email on each blogger blog?

    Unless you are using a proxy to create these accounts or some other method of hiding who you are, Google still knows you are the "owner" of all those blogger blogs, right?