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    So I'm running a couple of blogs which I mainly monetize(d) with assense and more than doubled that revenue with this thing.

    I doubt you want to do the following with your "real" blogs but for autoblogs and just for fun blogs this really works.

    Simple pagepeel. We often see these in bigger sites but I doubt many use(?) with autoblogs. This is totally free and works like magic. You'll find full instructions there, and for the 1.2 (previous version) of pageear there's even a wp plugin made, but I couldn't get it working with my theme(s) so I had to just edit the wp header.php and footer.php and manually insert the 1.4 version stuff.. But on many other themes I tried the plugin worked ok.

    The plugin:
    Files that you can use manually (just follow the instructions word to word):

    For split testing and going fancy with this thing (haven't personally downloaded this one...):

    Now, with these thingies the CTR to the offer will be pretty damn good. Especially funny trick is to place the peel actually to LEFT upper corner where people have never used to see it. Somehow it just feels more logical in the right corner, so left really either annoys or just otherwise feels new to people.

    And this is why you don't maybe want to use it with your flagship blog. It might make the blog feel commercial or annoying. But who really cares if it's just for making money. I doubled my monthly conversions on my CPA offer (magazine subscription) on these couple of blogs with pageear. I could imagine email/zips working with this thing or maybe even directing to a relevant landing page outside of the blog.

    Have a go and respond to this thread if it worked for you! Or didn't. Or whateverrr :)