Blogger - Some secret way to get past captcha?

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    Hey guys,

    I need some information on this - I figured most of you guys know what you are doing, so this would be the best place for me to get a decent answer.

    I have 4 blogs with over 800 posts in each, from Blogspot. As you probably already know, after a certain amount of posts - you have to fill in a captcha. For one, that slows down the whole process of mass uploading SPECIFIC posts.

    Now, I know I COULD use some sort of auto blogger - but to my knowledge the content in which is posted is not very...decent. The content that I'm posting, for example - is movies. I copy the image screenshot of the movie, the description (All from a different website), and click PASTE inside Blogspot. That way, from there on - all I do is type in the title of the movie, and bam. Posted, and repeat.

    Is there some way to get rid of these captchas? Other than using an e-mailing service. If this is the way to go, e-mailing that is, is there an e-mail that can remove hyperlinks within images AND not post a dumb white background within the post? I've tried AOL and Yahoo, Yahoo has a white background in each post - which I have to go in and edit each post to remove the background, then in AOL - some of the image screenshots have a hyperlink in it, and I can't remove it.

    If anybody could give me some insight and knowledge towards this, would be great.

    **Note - movies is not my niche, I'm just using that as an example, so you can understand that my niche is a category and I'm posting 'items'.