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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Jakerxxx, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Upstate New York is a pretty good blogging host in my opinion, but there are some issues and I was wondering if there was a way around this.

    My issue right now is attempting to surpass the 10 page limit they have. I have a lot of unique content I want to write but I don't want them to be blog posts, I want multiple pages for the content.

    Right now on my blogger site, I use the main page(where blogs appear) as a 'welcome" page or 'home page'. So I have (1) blog posts entitled "Welcome" with the blog posts explaining the site. And then there are tabs on the top of the page leading to other pages. EX: "About us" "contact us".

    So the problem i'm having is, I have all this unique content but my 10 page limit is reached and I don't want to crowd the "Homepage" with content.

    This was probably pretty confusing, if it helps to see the site, PM me and i'll send you link.

    It would take some advanced HTML editing if it's even possible to create a homepage and have that be the landing page when my url is reached, and then have a seperate page for blog posts.

    Hope this wasn't to confusing, though it most likely was because I'm terrible at explaining.
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    Well I dont quite know how to do what your asking but maybe create different bloggers for another 10 pages.

    All same theme/interlinked etc.

    Quick and easy fix. Plus you can grab another keyword.