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Blogger: Get hundreds of followers

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by blackheader, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Apr 3, 2010
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    Hey folks, I just wanted to share a method with you that allowed me to gain 200 Blog-followers with a total of 2 hours of work. It´s nothing ground-breaking! Absolutely not! But this could help you to let your blog look a lot more valued. Especially when it comes to link-exchanges, etc. it´s a plus that could help you to make some $$ more, if you know how to advertise this fact.

    Disclaimer: The method shown below is for educational purposes only.

    I did this on a blogspot blog, so make sure you´ll get the “followers”-gadget for your blog (-> via design/page elements/add gadget). All you need is a twitter-account and a Blogspot (Blogger) account.

    1. Sign in to twitter, and type into the search box something similar like: “follow my blog”. Then have a look at the search results. There are soo many people that think they could get a lot of followers to their (mostly very new and extreme poor) blogs, simply by publishing this on twitter. In fact, they don´t!
    2. So what you´re going to do now: open the links in a new tap, click on “more” on twitter and do this as long as you have found a decent amount of blogs. Then click through the blogs, most of them should have an area “follow this blog” where you begin to follow with your twitter account (!!!) -> not your blogspot account. Most of them are so thankful that you are their first follower that they will follow you back in return.
    3. Leave a comment with your blogspot account on the newest post of their blogs, something similar like:
    Don´t use this exact text and also have at least 3 similar editions for comments and mix them while you do this.

    The only thing you have to make sure is that you divide the whole process into several days. Otherwise Blogger will let you solve captchas and could consider you as a spammer. Because of the fact that most of the blogs are run by newbs it could take some days/weeks until they realize your comment and follow you back.

    Hope this method helps you to get some “startup” followers, to make your blog look a lot more attractive. The positve sideeffect is that once you have some good traffic to your blog you´ll get from then on every day new followers automatically.

    PS: If you´re lazy and have scrapbox, etc. you could also just insert the whole blog list you created via twitter into that software and let it do that comments automated for you. Maybe you can follow these blogs automatically via iMacros.

    Have a nice day.
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