Blogger Creation Cap? (The page you requested is invalid.)

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by testoman, Apr 21, 2013.

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    I've been making a bunch of Bloggers under the same IP, and I'm assuming Google has capped the amount of blogs I can create?

    Everytime I try to make a new blog under a different email (but same IP) I get the message "The page you requested is invalid.".
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    [Just in case "someone, somewhere, sometime" reads this].
    Google limits services to accounts not verified (phone verification).
    When trying to create a new blog, Google sent me to URL:
    [I reformated the URL, because I can't post any here]
    /!\ I discovered a bug in Google code. If blog title or blog address contains "illegal characters", error appears "The page you requested is invalid". But if you use standard characters (no spaces, etc.), it sends you to the Phone Verification page.
    Once verified, you are free to create the number of blogs you want (at least 10 in a row).

    I don't take the effort to report the bugs I discover, because nobody reads emails nor forums.
    Here's another funny Google bug: you are *forced* to accept a Google plus account, when you signup in YouTube. Ok, the funny thing is that your account defaults to category {under-age}, so if you upload a video that gets flagged (i.e. nudity) !you receive a community guidelines strike for being under age! !even if you used an adult birthdate when signing up! I solved that by detaching (unlinking) my YouTube account from Google+. But that's another story.
    Google likes playing God. Here's a funny video about the new Gmail theme they forced users to accept. watch?v=UO2EtqhMCxk
    Besides, it seems that all new accounts need phone verification, and you can only use that number for 2 accounts (at least that's what I experienced). !! What's next? A copy of your passport? Maybe you laugh now, but who knows... This monopoly is unstoppable.
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