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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rulez05, Aug 6, 2011.

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    i have question I have my Blogger blogsite is my traffic will increase using huge amount of back links ??? please answer its been almost 5 day started using blogger but still 0$ :( 504 views I still creating 2 or 3 blog I having a hard time to set up cuz I'm using premium template I kinda redesign the theme and make it my own And I started to submitted them to directory. based on your Experience can blogspot can have a good income ?? or I need domain like .com But I still can't afford it I'm still student and I have no credit card haha..
    and I don't have any idea how to transfer money to paypal cuz I dont have credit or bank
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    Ok,1st off all on Blogger you use Adsense?
    If yes,there are 2 payout methods:western union+check
    504 views/no clicks....Try xfactors adsense ebook,it will help alot on ad positioning.
    Domain .com would be much better than blogspot.
    If you want to succed in IM you should make a bank i know in many countries it`s free for students...and get a Verified Paypal account.
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    Well blogger can make money. That has been proved time and again. But in order to get traffic you still need to do the basic SEO. Like find a proper keyword to target. Add articles with proper keyword density.

    You also need backlinks if you want to rank your blogspot to rank anywhere. Without backlinks it wont rank as such. So yes you can make money with blogspot but you still need to do all the basic stuff.
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    The biggest problem with having a Blogger domain as opposed to your own is that Blogger sometimes decides to delete blogs because they consider them spam. It is usually blogs that are crappy and are really spammy, but many blogs have been deleted out of the blue that were perfectly fine with Blogger's T.O.S. If they do decide to delete your blog all of the hard work of promoting it and filling it with content, etc, will be wasted.