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    Hello i am owner of as stated prev this is autoblogging community presented to anyone can use for free without any forced adds.

    Now i have purschased and added a plugin that is unique to my blogging platform. Now you can setup blogs on my platform that have REWARD system, yes you can sell different items using C_P_A Lead on your blog.

    For instance: Sell rapidshare 1 month account for 50 points - users will register on your blog and start doing surveys to collect points wich will later be redeemed, i have uploaded and activated plugin for all accounts. There are lots of themes to choose and make your niche unique.

    Here is setup guide:

    Go to to register your account and choose your path whether you will do autoblogging or autoblogging with point C_P_A system its up to you.

    This is offer you cannot refuse it is free blog, autoblogg hosting and it offer FULL REWARD system.

    If you have additional questions send me PM or wrrite to my email.


    Yours Wizz.
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